• Food waste can be converted into soil amendments to help produce healthier fields.

  • Organic waste can be converted into pathogen free, nutrient reach mulch.

  • Dead wood, scrap wood, and forest clearing residue can be converted into carbon rich, water retaining biochar.

We offer complete solutions to the waste material issues you are facing…

Are You in Compliance?

Environmental Mandates are complex, confusing, expensive, and mandatory. EDS can help your company build a compliant program design that saves you money.  MORE

Maintenance Costs Got You Down?

Old and outdated equipment does not perform well and is expensive to maintain. We can help you design and implement a modern waste and recycling system that will save time and money. MORE

High Trash Hauling Bills?

Have you seen your trash hauling bills increase? Let us help you discover ways to reduce waste at the point of generation and bypass those escalating fees. MORE

Recycling Outdated?

Old recycling equipment could be costing you money and space. Let us help you design a clean, modern way to handle your recycling needs. MORE


Innovations in Action

Don’t get stuck in your trash!

EDS can design and implement a sustainable cost-effective program for your company.

Who We Are

Our waste and recycling programs are designed with the goal of using waste materials in a way that will actually benefit the communities where these materials are generated. Reducing waste material volumes onsite is an important component to reducing costs. Our program designs cut waste hauling costs and may reduce wear and tear of infrastructure by heavy truck traffic, and can provide value on materials that previously used to cost.

Who We Serve

Apartments Breweries
Educational Institutions Food Processors
Grocery Stores Hospitals
Municipalities Prisons or Detention Centers
Property Managers Recyclers
Restaurants Resorts/Hotels

Featured Clients

Advised with waste program design. Provided waste/cost/benefit analysis.

Mammoth Lakes

Developed tenant waste program design. Provided new compaction equipment solution. Provided waste/cost/benefit analysis.

IPA Commercial Real Estate

Provided waste/cost/benefit analysis for community’s waste programs. Developed sustainable mandate compliant waste program for small space high volume area.

Avalon Bay

Trash Happens!

Time is not your friend. Stop throwing money in your trash! The longer you wait to address your waste material issues, the larger your problems will grow.

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