Complete Program Design Package

A fully integrated waste management program is the foundation of cost effective sustainability plans. The EDS process achieves integration by first conducting an audit of existing assets and programs which may include analyzing current hauling and vendor charges, reviewing the effectiveness of existing physical assets, and looking for cost saving and/or increased revenues in current recycling programs. Second, we will conduct cost analyses of possible equipment upgrades and modernizing existing facilities. Third, we will present a feasibility study that will include recommendations, cost benefit analysis, return on investment (ROI) timelines, environmental mandate compliance, and program implementation details. Fourth, provide equipment and guidance for implementation, finally, a specific plan is developed to monitor and review the on going effectiveness of newly implemented programs will be put in place.

Let the experts at EDS help you create a complete sustainability plan that includes all of your equipment needs and the guidance necessary for implementation!

The Complete Solution

The EDS Complete Program Design process represents the new way intelligent decisions are made about sustainability programs and economically viable equipment purchases are made.


Soil Amendments

Using the by-products from our drying plants and flash pyrolysis systems to create proprietary soil amendments that reduce the use of irrigation and chemical fertilizers.

Trash Happens!

Time is not your friend. The longer you wait to address your issues, the larger your problems will grow.

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