We provide equipment to address your waste stream from its origin to its reuse. The proven technologies we deploy are configured according to the specific needs of our clients and unique attributes of each project.

Proven technologies that work!

Extraction & Drying

Industrial, food, animal waste treatment plants starting at 66 lbs per day up to 15 tons per day and custom built systems for large capacity projects.

Water Purification

Water purification and improvement solutions – portable self contained units and custom built systems for large projects.

Odor Prevention & Sterilization

Sterilization/Disinfection and odor removal solution (Available for retail and commercial).

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EDS helps you get the optimum value for your purchases by getting right equipment unique to your needs

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Trash Happens!

Time is not your friend. Stop throwing money in your trash! The longer you wait to address your waste material issues, the larger your problems will grow.

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