Gasification is a chemical reaction caused by heating material in an oxygen-starved environment, resulting in incomplete combustion that drives off carbon-rich gases. These gasses are then combusted in a thermal oxidizer with the addition of air potentially powering electric generation. An additional by-product can be valuable bio char, depending on the source of input material.

Gasification Plant

Custom built to suit consumer’s needs.

Gasification provides an array of benefits including:

  • The ability to turn by-products and out-of-spec materials into revenue streams.
  • Reducing or eliminating costs now associated with non-product material disposal.
  • Formulating various grades of Biochar from a variety of fuel sources, with those from animal manures having especially high value.
  • Greater potential for sale of by-products in more stable form.
  • Significant reduction of mass of original material decreases transportation costs.
  • Control over energy production.
  • Freedom from escalating energy prices and foreign control.
  • Destruction of odors as part of the gasification process.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements with an alternative solution.
  • Halting the release of non-beneficial nutrients to waterways as a result of runoff from farm fields and storage piles.
  • Protection for a community’s economy that depends on clean air and water.

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