Organic waste dehydrators reduce food waste volumes by a 90-95% ratio at the point of generation in a matter of 8 to 10 hours. The output material result is approximately 5 to 10% from the original load weight. For example: 250lbs of food waste results in 25lbs of dry humus material with no foul odors, deters pests, is easy to store, and has a variety of uses from soil amendments to animal feed. Additionally, there is 25 gallons of nutrient water that has a variety of uses when tanked or can be safely drained.

There is no need for water hookups or additional costs for microbe additives required to operate. This technology mimics Mother Nature and works with our ecosystem in a sustainable manner while reducing operational costs, lowering carbon footprint and providing a cleaner, safer workplace. All these benefits create a domino effect of operational cost reductions associated with this type of program design.

Industrial Dehydrators

Industrial Dehydrators process 1.5 tons and up of organic waste per day with a 9-hour processing cycle producing compostable output material that has less than 10% moisture content and clear distilled water that can be put into sewer systems or used as potable water. Widely used in parts of Asia to dramatically reduce organic waste volumes. Automatic operation of intake and exhaust of organic waste through its own process program.

  • Minimized noise and odor during the waste disposal process.
  • Drying temperature is set to max at 90℃ to reduce energy consumption. Low temperature and pressure reducing method is adopted for efficiency and heat source waste prevention.
  • Able to dispose of waste two (2) times a day and each session could take a maximum of 9 hours per process.
  • Reduce sludge water content to under 10% with automatic pressure reducing method.
  • No residue burning with the low-temperature method.
  • With the perfect anaerobic structure, no odor from inlet to outlet.
  • Customized for all systems from input to output with automatic control operation (Temperature, humidity, remaining sludge amount, drying completion time alert, chamber internal automatic clean, machine malfunction auto check report, and more).

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