Changing Views on Trash – Rising Rates

Environmental mandates, economic changes, and a growing demand for sustainable practices are all changing the way we look at trash. Read more

Negative Effects of Poison Bait Boxes – A New Solution on the Horizon?

For many businesses, trying to solve a rat problem can be daunting. Many companies end up taking what they believe to be the easy way out – rat poison. The strategy is straight forward, easy to implement, and requires very little thought or upkeep. However, the question is: Does it actually solve the problem? And at what cost?
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AB-1826 is here and compliance is mandatory; what’s your plan?

Starting as of January 2016, any business that generates 8 cubic yards or more of organic waste is required to have a recycling program in place. The goal of EDS is to help our clients design waste and recycling programs that work in sync with their operational programs.