Compactors compress waste to reduce its volume which leads to fewer trash bins and trash pickups, saving both space and money. Compactors can also reduce foul odors from wet or organic waste.


Self-Contained Compactors

Self-Contained compactors handle wet waste for large generators like resorts, hotels, schools, grocery stores or anyone that generates large volumes of wet waste.

Apartment Compactors

Apartment style compactors handle general residential trash for multi-family communities. They offer a small footprint that provides an approximate 4:1 reduction ratio in waste materials which can make all the difference in areas with limited space. These units also work well with trash chute systems and help to reduce waste hauling service costs and environmental fees.

Vertical Compactors

Vertical compactors are ideal for small shopping centers or businesses that need a trash bin size footprint with a 4:1 ratio material reduction. Vertical compactors are secure and keep out dumpster divers while reducing hauling costs and environmental fees based off local franchised hauling contracts.

Stationary Compactors

Stationary compactors are connected to a receiver container to house dry waste like cardboard and co-mingled recycling materials. These units can dramatically reduce hauling costs and labor cleanup costs by keeping these materials in an enclosed container on windy days, away from dumpster divers, etc

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