About EDS

Environmental Diversion Solutions (EDS) was created to assist municipalities, school districts, businesses, and other organizations that generate large volumes of waste how to implement cost-effective and environmentally responsible waste and recycling programs. EDS realizes that these entities want to be green but must be able to afford the associated costs required to change existing waste material handling procedures. EDS provides comprehensive, closed-loop waste and recycling material program designs that are customized to fit the unique needs of each client. These programs often provide costs savings to pay for new programs with attractive return on investment (ROI) scenarios. Because waste hauling rate structures and waste handling regulations vary by location, it is important to look at all aspects contributing to waste processing costs in order to design a program that is compliant with state mandates by diverting waste material from the trash bin whenever possible. We focus on working with Sustainability and Facility Managers to provide a “one-stop shop” experience with the creation and presentation of an ROI analysis.

EDS Philosophy

Environmental Diversion Solutions, as the name implies, is a solution based company that looks to implement financially viable waste and recycling systems and programs for a wide variety of commercial and municipal clients. Looking at each client’s unique needs, we analyze existing program operations, evaluate current and projected needs, conduct a cost benefit analysis, and then design a program that addresses these needs using the best available technology, equipment, and financing options.

We make sustainability economically viable.

Trash Happens!

Time is not your friend. Stop throwing money in your trash! The longer you wait to address your waste material issues, the larger your problems will grow.

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