The EDS Staff

Crystal Ryan

Field Technician

Crystal is an environmental science major at Colorado Mesa University who began working at EDS as an intern conducting research on the use of dehydrated food waste and biochar as soil amendments and confirming the use of dehydrated food waste as a suitable feedstock for vermicomposting. This latter effort proved to be valuable for EDS as well as regional vermicomposting operations who had found that using raw food waste was problematic for the end product. Crystal now works as a field technician and data gathering assistant for the company.

Trevor Stocking

Field Technician

Trevor has a BS Degree in Biology from Hawaii Pacific University and has had years of experience as a field mechanic and operator of heavy equipment and complex machinery for cable transport installations and servicing for ski lifts, trams, and surf pools. He is certified in non-destructive testing techniques and has operated forklifts, reach trucks, electric lifts, and more. Trevor has experience working with many of the top Ski/Mountain resorts in the country including Vail, Aspen, Mount Hood, and Powderhorn.

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