About EDS

Environmental Diversion Solutions came into existence just as various technologies began to emerge that would convert waste to energy and breakdown organic waste into usable materials as economically viable alternatives to landfill and commercial incineration facilities. Using these technologies in combination with existing tried and true methods of recycling and waste management, we custom design advanced environmental and waste diversion programs and projects that support environmental compliance while enhancing the bottom line and converting problem waste streams into manageable and often valuable by products.

EDS Philosophy

Environmental Diversion Solutions, as the name implies, is a solution based company that looks to implement financially viable waste and recycling systems and programs for a wide variety of commercial and municipal clients. Looking at each client’s unique needs, we analyze existing program operations, evaluate current and projected needs, conduct a cost benefit analysis, and then design a program that addresses these needs using the best available technology, equipment, and financing options.

We make sustainability economically viable.

The Executive Team

Michael Ryan

Business Consultant

Michael has been a business and financial consultant for the past 23 years prior to founding EDS. He has a full range of experience in corporate finance, project development, transition planning, mergers, and executive compensation. He has consulted on the construction and financing of a large mineral processing facility in Chile, has been instrumental in the start up of several successful small businesses, and has specific training and experience in the area of business mediation. Michael has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Brigham Young University – Hawaii and is a member of the International Association of Business Mediation Consultants, IABMC.

James (Jim) McCarthy


Jim has been a General Manager/Vice President for divisions of Watts Water Technologies, Broan-Nutone and other mid-sized corporations with responsibilities for manufacturing, operations, and sales and marketing for independently operated divisions. Jim has extensive international sales and operations management experience. He is well versed in daily operational requirements and accounting and financial reporting. He has successfully worked in start-up and turnaround situations as well as achieving high growth rates in mature companies. Jim has a BBA and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin in business management.

Advisory Board

Myoung won (MW) Sohn

Mr. Sohn has many years of experiences at the executive level with several engineering and manufacturing companies, including: CEO Sohn Neubauer Consulting Company, Vice President at Hyundai Heavy Industries, President, and CEO of SsangYong Motor Company, and President and CEO of Maxon Electronics. His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering plus a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a Major in Structural Engineering.  Mr. Sohn had a PE license from the State of California and Maryland.

Dr. Steven Davis

Dr. Davis holds  a PhD in Geological and Environmental Science from Stanford University and a juris doctor from the Virginia School of Law, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine. Professor Davis works on a range of topics concerning global energy infrastructure, agricultural production, GHG emission, and international trade and has published extensively in top academic journals such as Science, Nature and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Barbara Keating

President, Computer Frontiers, Inc.

Ms. Keating is widely recognized for her international business and entrepreneurial skills in opening new markets and developing business opportunities that serve as “bridges” between U.S. companies and emerging markets and economies. In 1996 Ms. Keating founded Computer Frontiers, Inc. as an international project development and implementation firm dedicated to the applied use of Internet, information communications technology and free market principles to further the business, trade and development goals in all countries. Since it’s founding, Computer Frontiers has implemented information communications technology projects in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. In the last decade Ms. Keating founded a family of eight affiliated information communications technology companies in Africa. For the past 19 years, Ms. Keating has advised Presidents, Ministers of Communication, Telecommunication Regulators, telecommunication providers, and U.S. multinational corporations in 36 African and Middle East governments.

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